About Us

Stagecoach, a casual clothing and beachwear specialty store, has been serving the needs of the Charleston Community for over 40 years. With an eye on traditional clothing, interspersed with the latest fashion trends, we strive to have what our customers desire. Stagecoach is located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina so come see us today and experience what locals have known for years, we love what we do and it shows!


STAGECOACH MT. PLEASANT  opened in the summer of 1979. In its original concept, we were basically a denim clothing provider focusing mainly on jeans and accessories. This is where the name STAGECOACH originated. As time passed and styles changed, we adapted our buying to reflect ongoing trends. We evolved into more of a specialty store for men, women, and children and tried to keep up with all of the latest fashion trends. We have become a mini department store focusing on those specialty items that would be known as "must have" items. Hence the evolution of the now STAGECOACH that has become one of the top places to shop in the Charleston area.


At Stagecoach, we feel that our success in the 40 years that we have been in business is two-fold.

FIRST - We strive to carry the products that people want and stock those products in not only the "normal" sizes, but also the sizes that are otherwise hard to find in most other stores.

SECOND - and most importantly is customer service. When you walk in our store, we think of you as not only our customer, but also our friend. We try to be as helpful as we can in assisting you in whatever you may need. This is our greatest enduring quality. It is the key reason for our success over the past 40 years. So, whether you are one of our faithful customers that have shopped with us for generations, or are new to the area, please come in and browse our store for what we feel confident will be a pleasant shopping experience.

THE STAGECOACH TEAM has been together for over 35 years.  Our goal in customer service is to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience. After so many years of working together, we have developed an eye for fitting our customers. Hopefully, this will allow you to leave with a positive shopping experience. Today, with manufacturers offering so many different fits (i.e. modern, regular, relaxed, loose), our expertise and knowledge can lead you in the right direction in a limited amount of time. We look forward to helping you in the future regarding any of your family clothing needs!

SANDY "THE HORSE" has been a part of Stagecoach since our beginning. She has been giving "rides" to several generations of kids. One of our favorite experiences is when someone comes in and brings their children or grandchildren in to ride Sandy and tells them that they used to ride Sandy when they were their age. So please come in and browse our selections and see Sandy in action!

PARKER "RED FISH" is our mascot. He was caught in the early 1960's by our owner's father while he was surf fishing on the then very deserted Kiawah Beach. He is 44 inches long and weighs 39 lbs. He bit on cut mullet and it took about 35 minutes to get PARKER beached. He has been part of the Stagecoach team from the beginning. Our customers enjoy his holiday costumes!